Retiring with Enterprise technology

Demographic studies show that almost 10,000 baby boomers reach retirement age each day. These seasoned employees take valuable company know-how with them and leave behind a potentially troublesome outcome for the organization as less-experienced employees struggle to fill their shoes. What’s the Impact? It is particularly worrisome how important the nation’s manufacturing and distribution industry […]

Addressing Resistance to Organizational Change

To become a viable competitor and win the race, a company must embrace and manage change effectively. Cultivating continuous improvement is a driving force to ongoing business success. Whether this entails implementing a new ERP system or recreating new digital business models, change is a core competency of leadership. When managed effectively, change is worth […]

Generic ERP and Industry-specific ERP

There are many reasons for needing an ERP system Among the many things to consider is whether you want to get a generic solution and customize it to your needs, or whether you want a solution that is specific for your particular industry. Generic ERP Let’s first define the term “generic ERP,” as it may […]

ERP System Pricing Guide

For any business investing in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, pricing is an important factor. Some vendors publicly display pricing on their website, especially for cloud ERP solutions, while others only provide a quote after finding out a company’s business requirements. We’ve put together this detailed guide on the various ERP pricing models, implementation […]