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From specific cost savings to having the faintest idea of using an Enterprise Resource planning system, we can help every component in between to help you navigate the waters between stillness and growth. We can help you improve selected performance metrics, reduce frustration and improve efficiencies in transacting business, support your company growth and help you to reduce IT costs in the long run.

Financial Management –  It will allow you to connect data across your whole financial system, including accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer engagements. Some of the functionalities specific to financial management are general ledger, workflows and audit trails, deferrals, bank management, budgets, bank reconciliation, fixed assets, currencies, etc. Thus, you can make informed decisions, improve your analysis because of the integrated data and accelerate your financial close and reporting.

Supply Chain Management – Business Central has built-in intelligence that helps you optimize your inventory by calculating the estimated stock levels, lead times, and reorder points. Some of the distinct features included are sales order management, basic receivables, purchase order management, locations, item transfers, and basic warehousing.

Customer Relational Management – Dynamics 365 CRM has been specially designed to prioritize your sales based on your organization’s revenue potential by including essential features and integrating these with each other. Some common features encompass contacts, campaigns, opportunity management and built-in integration with the Sales solution. These capabilities will allow you to quickly respond to any new sales-related queries, manage the service request, and process payments smoothly.

Project Management – Project Management under Business Central comes with estimates, jobs, and time sheets. You can create, manage, and track any project. This will enable you to make quick and effective decisions with real-time insights on the project’s status and other related metrics.

Operation Management – This will allow you to efficiently optimize your operations using the integrated data and precisely forecast the sales. You will get an overall view of your inventory and track the transactions and monitor the logistics of the inventory. With an effective operation management, you will reach an optimal output level.

You can gain an advantage through a better use of technology. If your current solution is not meeting your company goals or you have never set goals, it’s the role of our consultant to help you in this regard to determine if that full potential is sufficient to give you a competitive edge.

Microsoft Business Central Consultation

Our consultants are well trained in most industries and to suggest the best business process and workflows or simply automate a paper. Either at our office premises or your comfort zone, we can give you a secure, accurate and worthwhile consultation

Microsoft Business Central Implementation

Need help with your MSBC ERP Implementation? You have reached the right place. Whether you are a small company with 5 users, a Medium sized company having 25 users, or a large corporation, we have the experience and knowledge to make your project a success.

Microsoft Business Central Customization

Do you want MSBC ERP to be customized? Whether it is extending the functionality of a native MSBC module or building a new module from scratch, we have 30+ years of experience in doing this the best possible way

Microsoft Business Central Training

Congratulations, you have selected the best ERP system to run your business. Any ERP implementation is a failure if all your stakeholders are not trained to use the system properly. Let’s work together in training all your stakeholders to get the maximum out of your new ERP system

Microsoft Business Central integration and Migration

Looking for MSBC migration? Whether migration of MSBC from an old version to the current stable version or migrating from a third-party ERP system to MSBC, we’ve got you covered. We have 30+ years of experience in ERP systems.

Microsoft Business Central Support and Maintenance

Want support for your MSBC ERP system? We have different types of packages available based on the size of your business. Support includes periodic maintenance done automated and manually.