How do you manage an effective general ledger?

A General Ledger = The ultimate financial status of the company.

Real time data and fully integration of other modules ensures the integrity and accuracy of your financial information.

Want to maintain your cashbook?

Efficient cash management is the key to an everchanging business environment.

This is why it’s crucial to have an up to date running balance of your cash position, so you’re fully informed of your organisations liquidity at any point in time. This ensures you’re able to forecast future cashflow based on accurate data. Keeping you informed and in control.

Want to keep track of your debtors and sales orders?

Keep track of customer sales, credit information with the ability to quickly and easily monitor customer outstanding balances. User friendly enquiries provide up to date information, enabling efficient customer follow up and outstanding funds collection.

Manage the complete sales order cycle, from preparing quotes, to preparing debtor invoices. Along with this, easily print invoices, packing slips and credit notes, whilst fully integrating with stock, debtors, purchase orders and bill of materials, saving time and dramatically minimising potential errors.

Want to keep track of Creditors and Purchasing?

Keep track of and reconcile your creditor accounts with a user-friendly interface that allows for fast data entry of supplier invoices. This provides valuable insight to monitor the age of your supplier’s debt more effectively and efficiently.

Effectively manage supplier order too, with fully integrated job costing, bill of materials and sales order system allowing automatic stock allocation to customer backorders occurs.

Need help managing your stock?

Control entire stock cycle from the initial purchase of goods, to final sales, making it easy to track stock movements and inventory levels quickly and accurately.

Need help managing company assets?

Maintain accurate and timely balances on assets calculating both book and tax values with the right software. This solution provides complete movement and history of assets including depreciation calculations, revaluations, disposals and asset transfers.

What about your payroll?

Simply set up any staff member’s pay in any format required, providing enormous flexibility in your payroll preparations.

What about job costing?

This job costing feature is flexible enough to allow you to perform both job and time costing efficiently.

Integrate with creditors, stock, debtors, purchase Orders, bill of materials, payroll and general ledger with no double entry required.

Do you do bill of materials?

Manage raw material stock levels, whilst ensuring they’re optimised, by effective material requirement planning and stock control.

Have special stock pricing?
Our solutions comes with the ability to set up and maintain special prices for stock, customers and suppliers.
Pricing metrics can be in the form of a special price, discount percentage, discount value, mark-up percentage, price reduction, quantity breaks and date ranges.

Do you worry about security?

Worry no more. We’ve got you covered.

We’ll help you set up your user levels and security to ensure you’re adequately protected from both inside and outside threats.