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    Business Management and Consultancy

    Integral offers a wide range of business solutions to help automate and streamline your business processes. Our back-office ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) business systems operate on  Microsoft SQL database technology.  Complemented by our customised solutions and business intelligence reporting tools, we have a total solution from data capture to management information dashboard presentations that will meet the specific needs of your business.  Seamless data integration between the multiple systems will ensure that  an efficient and streamline business system is achieved, saving time and maintain a high level of data integrity.

    Integral is a supplier, implementer and support organisation for the following business systems:

    • Arrow Financials
    • Crystal Reports
    • Tencia Accounting & Business Management Software
    • Qlikview
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    Financial Software Solutions

    Integral is the Western Australian Premium Business Partner of Arrow Research Corporation, creator and distributor of Tencia Financial Software.

    Tencia delivers an integrated solution that is flexible, affordable and easy to use. Tencia has been built using web services, which allows Tencia to ‘talk’ to any other systems that conform to web services, overcoming compatibility issues of different operating systems, platforms and programming languages of the past.

    Tencia has the full complement of modules for a back end accounting systems including Payroll, Bill of Materials, Job Costing and Fixed Asset Register.

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    E Commerce Solutions

    To market your products or services online, we have developed eShop – an online shopping cart system complete with secure online credit card payment gateway or, if preferred, it can be used as an online order entry system that your clients can use to place their orders.

    eShop has full integration with Tencia Financial Software requiring only a single point of administration and maintenance.

      • Tencia Integration
      • Reporting Analysis
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    Custom Application Development

    Partnering with Integral will give you access to a team of developers with outstanding technical ability. Coupled with our specialist business analysts and project management team, we can assist you in identifying your specific requirements and improvement opportunities to streamline your business processes.

    Our custom software solutions, includes :

    • Analysis
    • Design
    • Development
    • System Implementation
    • Training
    • Support
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    Mobile Application Development

    Our team of developers at Integral have years of experience when is comes to developing mobile applications to suit the needs of businesses and have provided clients with a range of solutions to speed up data capture.

    With the focus of business applications moving towards mobile and tablet devices, Integral are staying one step ahead of the game but provided cross platform integration.

    • Tablet and Mobile Applications
    • Portable Barcode Scanners
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    Microsoft Infrastructure and Networking

    Not only is sharing information vital to any business success but in today business environment accessing emails and calendars anywhere at any time is as critical.  Our technicians have a wide range of experience with computer hardware and operating systems (including Microsoft and Linux) to recommend, implement and support a computer network systems best suited to your business.

    Our technical services include the following:

    • Servers, Desktops and Laptops Hardware
    • Periodically Scheduled System Audit
    • Server Virtualization
    • Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Strategy
    • Internet Connection
    • Virtual Private Networks
    • Security & Threat Management
    • Mobile Device Management

    Support services,  telephone, remote access or on-site is available from 8am – 5pm but our entire team is committed to provide whatever support that is required to get the job done and to avoid any inconvenience to our clients.  Extended after hours  these hours can also be pre-arranged to suit the needs of your business.