Integral Management Case Studies

Weststate Seafood Story

As Perth’s Fresh Seafood Wholesalers: fresh or frozen seafood of the highest quality, a great food service range including some of the most well-known brands in the hospitality industry. Weststate Seafoods was established in 1988 and based in Perth, Western Australia. Local family owned and operated seafood and food service distribution company servicing a wide range of customers Australia wide.

Weststate seafoods provides a knowledgeable and reliable distribution service Australia wide, to a diverse customer base, including some of Perth’s finest restaurants, hotels and clubs and hospitals along with fish mongers, seafood retailers and wholesalers. With a focus on their vast seafood expertise and product range, along with our ever-expanding food service division.

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Business situation

When Weststate seafoods and Integral Management systems discussed about the business situation and processes in the earlier consultation, we came to an agreement that the systems they had been using limits the capability of the best seafood supplier in WA. After understanding the workflows and their requirement IMS was able to identify key areas where they would need to scale and maximise their productivity.


It’s a simple yet compendious end to end solution. We have included our finest consultants to identify the business processes to align with the capabilities of MS Business Central and other areas of development.

IMS e-commerce solution was implemented with all functionalities required by WSS along with few added advantages to live communication with their accounting system in Business central.

Our Partnership with WSS

IMS partnership with WSS goes hand-in hand with our core competencies dedicated to their business as promised. IMS Operates to Provide end to end well founded solutions.

Live Communication from business central to the e-Shop, which the e-Shop acts as a true extension of their Business Central solution.

Quick access to their required user level and their capabilities.

Ability to Favourite the products and add templates for ease of ordering.

Sales rep order options for ordering in behalf of the clients.


WSS experienced system limitations, productivity issues and most importantly they wanted an end-to-end solution which enhances their quality of food to match their capabilities. Higher your capabilities and faster your systems are, faster they can deliver products to their customers.

Flexibility and connectivity

With all solutions in place WSS is able to automate their entire process which enables them to communicate well with the implemented systems. From order processing, accounting capabilities, purchasing to sales with warehousing and ecommerce capabilities, all working together with flexibility and connectivity like never before.


IMS will continue WSS to keep up to date with technology, systems and future upgrades to be ahead. After implementation of the project, we are supporting WSS with our support services, bug fixes and application enhancements and training for their staff to stay on top. We will continue to help WSS to keep their place in one of the leading seafood suppliers in WA.