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About Integral Management

The Integral Management Story

  • 1989

    Founded in 1989, Integral had been a part of the Perth community for decades. It wasn't until the 1990s that we first saw proper ERP software entering the arena. This led to the full integration of entire businesses across one single database that could adapt to the demands of the market, which is an essential part of Integral Management Systems.

  • 1990’s

    The advancement of ERP software over the years had an effect on how Integral grew. Along the way Integral gained experience with many ERP systems and different industries. In the mid-90s Integral expanded its customer base and partnered with Arrow Research Corporation’s Arrow/Tencia ERP. The partnership continues to this day.

  • Early 2000’s

    During the rapid boom of industries and information technology during the early 2000s, Integral gained customers that it still retains today. Technological advancements enabled Integral to upgrade services and expand its scope.

  • Late 2000’s

    With experience gathered over decades, Integral has evolved to become an expert in ERP systems. Specialising in ERP consultation, implementation, and support, Integral develops software, both desktop and mobile, to fit into today’s technological requirements. Integral became a Microsoft Partner, improving its service and technical reach.