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Budget Car Rent (Busby) ERP Transformation Journey

This case study highlights the successful collaboration between Budget Rent a Car and Integral Consultants to streamline their business processes through the implementation of a comprehensive ERP system. The client, Busby Investments, a franchise of Budget Australia had been using legacy server-based ERP systems and various third-party applications to manage their operations. However, these separate systems lacked integration and efficiency, leading Busby Investments’ to seek a unified solution to meet their evolving business requirements.

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Client Background:

The client relied on multiple systems, including MS Access solutions and standalone applications, for lease calculation, vehicle maintenance, invoice management, fixed asset management, and reporting. These systems were not interconnected, resulting in data silos and inefficiencies. The client aimed to replace their existing Tencia system and upgrade to a Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP Cloud solution, with customization to fulfil their unique requirements.

Project Objectives:

The primary objective was to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365 BC) as the unified ERP system, integrating the various functionalities required by Budget Car Rental. The project deliverables included discovery sessions, environment setup, user provisioning, database configuration, custom development, data import, GL account structure design, training, and the go-live phase.

Solution 1 – Vehicle Lease Cost MS BC Extension

Integral Consultants developed a custom extension for D365 BC that enabled the calculation and tracking of lease costs for rental vehicles. This module allowed users to upload or manually enter vehicle purchase information, calculate monthly lease costs based on specified parameters, and generate reports for lease cost analysis. The extension seamlessly integrated with the fixed asset module in D365 BC.

Solution 2: Fleet Management System MS BC Extension

To streamline vehicle repairs and maintenance, Integral Consultants implemented a Fleet Management module within D365 BC. This module facilitated the creation of work orders, conversion of work orders into purchase orders, recording of labour hours, and invoice generation for chargeable jobs. The module provided a comprehensive set of reports for fleet management and analysis.

Solution 3: Invoice & Cash Receipt Upload MS BC Extension

Integral Consultants developed an extension that allowed users to upload invoice and cash receipt data into D365 BC, automating the process and reducing manual data entry. The extension validated the data, formatted it for compatibility with D365 BC, and generated exception reports for unmatched details. It also facilitated the upload of bond refund information.

Solution 4: Rentalink Invoice Upload MS BC Extension

Integral Consultants has developed an extension that captures all the invoices in TXT format. These invoices are then converted and the necessary fields are extracted to be uploaded into MS BC (Microsoft Business Central). The extension ensures that the invoices are created as batches, making it easier to track and analyse if needed. Additionally, users have the ability to edit the invoices before uploading them to MS BC. Each invoice is assigned a unique reference number known as the RA number. This implementation significantly improves the accuracy of invoice uploads, saves time, and enhances the overall process.

Solution 5: Bond Refund MS BC Extension

To improve the bond refund process, Integral Consultants implemented a solution that ensured accurate creation of relevant general ledger (GL) entries and the return of bonds to customers after the rental cycle, accounting for any additional costs such as damages or fuel shortages. The process streamlined calculations, adjustments, and accounting entries, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency.

Results and Benefits:

  • Integration of various business functions into a single ERP system improved operational efficiency and data accuracy.
  • Real-time access to consolidated data enhanced decision-making capabilities.
  • Automation of lease cost calculations, fleet management, and invoice/cash receipt uploads reduced manual effort and errors.
  • Streamlined workflows and comprehensive reporting capabilities provided better visibility into business operations.
  • Training sessions and extensive testing ensured successful adoption and user satisfaction.
  • Post-implementation support from Integral Consultants helped in resolving any issues promptly.


Through the collaborative efforts of the clients’ Project Management team and Integral Consultants, the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central successfully addressed the client’s requirements for an integrated and efficient ERP system. The new system streamlined processes, improved data visibility, and empowered the client to make informed decisions. The project’s success demonstrated the value of a well-planned ERP transformation in enhancing business operations and setting the stage for continued growth and success.