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David Nowland Hydraulics on Microsoft BC

Luke from David Nowland Hydraulics has approached Integral for the implementation of the MS Dynamics Business Central solution. This request comes after the successful introductory client demo organized by Integral in Perth. To ensure an effective solution design tailored to the industry, Integral’s consultants conducted several discovery sessions.

Considering the nature of David Nowland Hydraulics’ business, key functionalities such as Bill of Materials, Job Costing, and Inventory management are of utmost importance. Additionally, the Supply Chain, Finance module, and Payroll system play crucial roles in their operations.

In order to streamline the implementation process, our consultants have devised a phased approach, outlined as follows:

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Implementation from Legacy ERP System

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David Nowland Hydraulics, based in Bunbury, Western Australia, is a leading provider of hydraulic systems and solutions. The company recognized the need to upgrade its legacy ERP system to enhance operational efficiency and streamline its finance, supply chain management, and production processes. They chose Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (BC) as the solution for their comprehensive ERP requirements. This case study highlights the successful implementation of BC, including the Finance module, Supply Chain Management, and Bill of Material module for production. Additionally, it covers the integration of BC with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the synchronization of the ERP system and automatic bank feed integration using the SSIS BC extension.

Challenges and Objectives

David Nowland Hydraulics faced several challenges with their legacy ERP system, including outdated technology, limited functionality and customise flexibility, limited capability of workflows, lack of maintenance and difficulties in managing financial data, supply chain operations, and production planning.

Their objectives for the implementation were as follows:

  • Upgrade the ERP system to a modern, comprehensive solution and move on with server environment.
  • Improve financial management, including budgeting, invoicing, and reporting.
  • Enhance supply chain management, inventory control, and procurement processes.
  • Streamline production planning and optimize the Bill of Material (BOM) module.
  • Integrate the CRM system with the ERP system for seamless customer data management.
  • Establish a secure and efficient integration with the bank for banking transactions.


Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, a cloud-based ERP solution, was identified as the ideal platform to meet David Nowland Hydraulics’ requirements. The implementation covered the following modules:

Finance Module: The Finance module in BC provided robust financial management capabilities. It facilitated budget planning, invoicing, accounts receivable/payable management, and financial reporting. The implementation ensured accurate financial data recording and improved financial visibility for the organization.

Supply Chain Management: BC’s Supply Chain Management module streamlined the company’s procurement and inventory management processes. It enabled efficient vendor management, purchase order generation, goods receipt handling, and optimized stock control. The implementation reduced stockouts, enhanced inventory accuracy, and improved overall supply chain efficiency.

Bill of Material (BOM) Module for Production: The BOM module in BC played a crucial role in optimizing production planning and execution. It provided comprehensive tools for managing product structures, routing, and material requirements. The implementation improved production scheduling, minimized wastage, and enhanced overall production efficiency.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM To achieve seamless customer data management, integration between BC and Microsoft Dynamics CRM was implemented. This integration ensured that customer information was synchronized between the two systems, allowing sales and customer service teams to access real-time data, improve customer engagement, and streamline processes.

Integration with Bank feed using SSIS BC Extension To facilitate secure and efficient banking transactions, BC was integrated with the bank using the SSIS BC extension. This integration enabled automatic synchronization of financial data, payment processing, and bank reconciliation. It eliminated manual data entry, reduced errors, and improved cash flow management for David Nowland Hydraulics.

Benefits and Results The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and the associated integrations yielded several benefits for David Nowland Hydraulics, including:

  • Enhanced operational efficiency: BC streamlined finance, supply chain management, and production processes, reducing manual efforts and improving overall efficiency.
  • Improved financial management: Accurate financial data recording, budget planning, and real-time reporting provided better financial visibility and decision-making capabilities.
  • Optimized supply chain operations: Efficient procurement processes, inventory control, and vendor management minimized stockouts, reduced costs, and improved supply chain performance.
  • Streamlined production planning: The BOM module optimized production planning, reduced wastage, and

improved overall production efficiency.

  • Seamless customer data management: Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM enabled real-time synchronization of customer information, enhancing customer engagement and service quality.
  • Efficient banking transactions: Integration with the bank through the SSIS BC extension automated financial transactions, reducing manual errors and improving cash flow management.



The successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central at David Nowland Hydraulics resulted in significant improvements across finance, supply chain management, and production operations. The integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the bank further enhanced the company’s ability to streamline processes and improve customer satisfaction. The adoption of BC as their comprehensive ERP solution has positioned David Nowland Hydraulics for sustained growth and operational excellence in the competitive hydraulic systems industry.

We, INTEGRAL has another successful Microsoft Dynamics Business Central implementation for happy customer.