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Integral Management Case Studies

Dial Before you Dig story with IMS

Dial Before You Dig is a Not-for-Profit organisation that delivers a vital national community service designed to assist in preventing damage and disruption to Australia’s vast infrastructure networks which provide essential services, we use every day. Protecting Australia’s infrastructure assets is crucial in keeping essential services such as electricity, gas, water and telecommunications flowing to the community.

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Our Partnership with DBYD

IMS partnership with DBYD goes hand-in hand with our core competencies dedicated to their business as promised. IMS Operates to Provide end to end well founded solutions

The Solution

DBYD was using SugarCRM to keep track of membership, key contact and interactions information with members. Email is the MainSource of interaction in the current system. Other than that appointment, task, attachment, notes, event, product for merchandising, bug tracker are utilised to record information.  

“Dial Before You Dig WA Limited” Management implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution to fulfil their current business needs. 

In Summary, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution was implemented and will be migrated current Accounts, Contacts, emails, tasks, notes, appointments, events, attachments, calls and meeting records in to the new platform.  

The Components

  • Set up and Configure Dynamics 365 (Production and Sandbox)

  • Assign users with required security

  • SugarCRM Data review and data mapping with Dynamics CRM

  • Data Conversion from SugarCRM to Dynamics CRM Sandbox system

  • Review sandbox conversion results

  • Testing and customer feedback

  • Staff Training

  • Data Conversion from SugarCRM to Dynamics CRM Production system

  • Review live conversion results

  • Customer handover

Flexibility and connectivity

With the integral migrated and customised solutions in place DBYD is able to automate their entire process which enables them to communicate well with the implemented systems. From Accounting and ERP to Dynamics 365 CRM, all working together with flexibility and connectivity like never before


IMS will continue DBYD to keep up to date with technology, systems and future upgrades to be ahead. After implementation of the project, we are supporting DBYD with our support services, bug fixes and application enhancements and training for their staff to stay on top.