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How a Reliable CRM can Enhance Your Customer Support

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Customers have always been the backbone of businesses across industries. Apart from being the source of revenue that runs an organisation, loyal and happy customers can also bring in or convert potential clients to help the business grow. Meanwhile, consumers who might have had negative experiences while using the services or products might pivot towards other companies that offer a better customer experience and resolution.

As customer experience can make or break an enterprise, many businesses are focusing on improving their campaigns to be more client-centric. The emergence of in-house and BPO (business processing outsourcing or call centres) has made it feasible to have dedicated teams to build and improve customer experiences.

Establishing a strong client relationship is not easy, especially with consumers consistently raising their expectations for a quality user experience. A team of professional customer service representatives will surely help, but utilising a reliable CRM (customer relationship management) will bring out the best of your customer support efforts.

Importance of CRM in Your Customer Service

The ever-changing consumer trends have made businesses prioritise customer experience in their operations. In a report made by Microsoft, more than 90% of customers value exceptional service when giving loyalty to a brand. The increasing expectations for outstanding customer experience paved the way for it to become a new battlefield between organisations, aside from price and quality of service.

A reliable CRM will help store customer information generate reports and ample enough of data to give companies a competitive edge in the market. Modern CRM solutions are now an integral part of the customer service process of many businesses as it streamlines many critical functions. In Addition, with the data available on purchase patterns of the customers and other data relevant to interactions can help analyse and build marketing campaigns geared to spark interest.

Stay Connected with Personalised Messages

Having a reliable CRM enables the company to regularly keep in touch with customers and let them know about the latest products and special offers. Having consistency of service and marketing literature is quite difficult. With a CRM in place, you can generalise/customise the experience specially if your staff is varied on their approach to customers. Whilst gathering information, the management will be able to signify and implement the right business processes and workflows to support a great experience as well as proven methods to have higher rate of successful sales closes.

Research shows that up to 62% of consumers open the email because of a personalised subject line. Sending emails with customised messages in the customer’s preferred channel helps build a positive experience for them.

Faster Response Rate

Most of the time, when a client reaches out to a company for inquiries or concerns, they want instant gratification and expect enterprises to help them as soon as possible. In a technology-dominated world, not responding to a customer on time risks the possibility of converting a prospect or retaining an existing customer.

A reliable CRM will help employees quickly respond to clients by using ready-made templates that they can operate on either call, chat, or email. The agents can also personalise these templates depending on what a customer wants.

Faster response rates help to build trust and good rapport between the two parties which eventually creates loyalty to the experience and the brand.

Boost Productivity of the Workforce

Many consumers contact a business if they have negative feedback over a product, which usually cause them to be irate when they reach a representative. having a reliable system that simplifies tasks for customer service reps can significantly help resolve arising concerns and it eliminates the stressfulness in handling customers, specially during escalations.

Giving the employees a powerful CRM solution enables them to be more productive and less time consuming. Ready-made templates that can be altered allows the agents to provide customers with a personalised approach to their problems. Furthermore, the availability of customer history pertaining to their previous interactions such as raised tickets, complains and mode of communication can immensely help the staff to customise their approach to the customer.

In addition, having a reliable cloud CRM allows the employee to find customer information in a matter of seconds in any location even with their mobile devices. This way, the representative significantly lessens the time consumed to find the customer information and can focus on the approach which is needed to connect with the customer.

Become Customer-Centric with Modern CRM

The total market size of the customer service and support system industry in 2020 reached more than USD 24 billion. This amount is expected to continually increase in succeeding years, with organisations seeing the need for top-notch customer experience.

Implementing a reliable CRM system, such as Dynamics 365, enables enterprises to achieve a customer-first mentality that helps grow the business significantly. Furthermore, it gives the employees a powerful tools to help them understand customer concerns, provide fast responses, and consistently keep in touch with the clients through different modes of communication.

Improving customer support for your brand using modern business tools can be complicated, and getting CRM support from local specialists in the field is important.  Integral Management Systems PTY LTD, the preferred Microsoft Dynamics (CRM and ERP) partner in Western Australia, can provide consultations, migration, implementation to support and maintain all your ERP and CRM needs.